We are first class craftsmen, we know every detail

because we have accumulated lots of experience

step by step for a long time, and we know the

customs of this country’s people very well


We find this place between Vic and the Berguedà, Land of vegetation, beauty, tranquility and cattle, surrounded by mountains known as Pedraforca and Cadí-Moixeró, forests of red and white pine trees, Oak trees and holm oaks make this region a place of customs, traditions and craftswork.


Wich place could be better for the making of handcrafted products than the region of the Llucanes, where Betara brings us the whole essence of the cheeses of this land, products made of first class milk with the best treatment, respectin each process of making to achieve an exemplary and honorary product.

Betara S. L. Is a family business wich is specialized in handcrafted and natural products, following the natural and traditional processes of the Lluçanès, their founders, famílies Berengueras and Tarrés, with lots experience of dairy and pork products, and our goal is to offer a quality product for a market where prestigious handmade goods have every time more importance when we choose the food we want to have in our homes.

At this time, Betara is present at most traditional and craftsman’s fairs in Catalonia and other parts of Spain, making headway thanks to its quality and professionalisme in the sector of handcrafted foods. Our decision to use the new tecnologies of information and communication make it possible for Betara to be present on the internet, presenting new products and informin about our presence at fairs and Markets. Betara and the products of the Lluçanès, all the time growing closer to our costumers.