Presentation of the cheese factory

Our Products

With a craftswork labelling, Betara offers us cheeses of original taste and flavour, with its own identity, result of homemade production wich follows the region of Lluçanès own customs and traditions.

Using the most natural kind of milk of the Pyrenees, respectin the time of fermentation, depending on the product, under optimal conditions of temperature and humidity in the ripening process, the cheeses of Lluçanès have the specific and unique properties of handcrafted production.


Made of sheep’s milk:

“Romero cured”

“Pure sheep’s cheese from the Pyrenees”

“The Great Reserve”

“Matured cheese made of raw milk”

“The ecological”


Made of cow’s milk:

“Small mature cow’s cheese”

“L’Atrevit, blue matured cheese”

“The ecological”




Made of goat’s milk:

“Pure goat’s cheese from the Pyrenees”

“Matured cheese made of goat raw milk”

"Beer cheese"

“The ecological”

"Ecological goat cheese with Ecological beer"


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