Cheeses awarded at the "World Cheese Awards 2010," The characteristics of our production processes allow us to provide top quality cheeses, that have won awards at the World Cheese Awards, an event which presents the best cheeses in the world.

New awards at the World Cheese Awards 2012:

New awards at the World Cheese Awards 2012: This year, silver medal to our type Pyrenees Sheep artisan Cheese and  Bronze medal to Beer Cheese ecologic with ecologic Goat Milk.

Again we are news in this year 2013, have been awarded by 4 of our cheeses in the World Chesse Awards 2013:

     - Silver Medal for Ecological Goat and Cheese Cow.
     - Bronze Medal for Goat Cheese "Farcellet" and the Creamy goat cheese.

These four awards make it BETARA the most awarded artisan cheese producers in Catalunya in the 2013 edition of the World Cheese Awards.