Goat's Milk

Goat Pyrenees : One of the classic catalan cheeses, good by nature, with a unique scent. With its characteristic rough rind, its texture is creamy, melting in your mouth, a special taste with a nutty finish, coming from the good milk used in its elaboration, which guarantees a successful cheese wherever it goes.

Winner at the World Cheese Awards 2010 with gold medal.

Approximate Weight :  0.5kg i 1kg.

Raw Goat Milk : Fresh sensations and intense time for pieces of traditional character, unique and ideal to start our big cheeses. More concentrated flavor and goat's milk, with its right point of salt and acidity, the cheese texture closed, like a traditional product well done.

Approximate Weight : 1.5kg

Beer Goat"cheese crust staff imbued notes of dairy goat milk and beer, they get to application soft the crust to modify it and make it more aromatic. Texture soft, creamy, sour sensations and toast, and a flavor reminiscent beer. For this reason it is ideal pairing with the beer that has been working with the cheese.

Approximate Weight : 0.5kg