Cow's Milk

Small Matured : A cheese of medium ripening time, with a clean, compact rind, of intense, slightly dairy flavour, with a point of salt, results to be an ideal option to enjoy cheese at any time of the day.

Approximate Weight : 0,5Kg, 1Kg i 2Kg.

Matured Blue Cow : as the name suggests, one of those cheese to remember ... especially after eating. Intense odor, saline typical of blue cheese, which gave way to a moist and buttery texture, slightly grainy to explode tastes spicy, salty and intense enough to be remembered as one of the best blues country. Ideal compare the taste with additional sweets (jelly or jam pr prickly pear, brioche and some sweet wine, the truth)

Approximate Weight : 0,5kg.

Ecologic Cow : Natural first-class-quality product: The milk rich in linoic acid (coming from grass), of these cheeses can provide 70% more of OMEGA 3 acids, more vitamins and more minerals, with a unique flavour and soft texture, without any synthetic additives or pesticides.
A product made of quality AA milk, “the highest possible”.

Approximate weight : 0.5kg