Sheep's Milk

“Romero cured” : Cheese with rosemary: scented with true herbalist´s rosemary, its character  resides in this herb. Made of sheep´s milk and wrapped in rosemary, combining the intense cheese scent with that of the fresh aromatic herb. A unique combination which will make you rediscover scented products.

Approximate weight : 3.5kg o 5kg.

Small cheese from sheep :  The softest of our great range of cheeses, concentrated texture, deep yellow color, smells animals, a cheese with intense flavor. For fans of good cheese, enjoy it slowly, accompanied by a cured good wine and a good seasoned bread.

Approximate Weight : 0.5kg o 1kg.

Winner at the World Cheese Awards 2010 and 2012 with a silver medal.

Extra mature cheese :  Sheep´s cheese with a long ripening process, destined to be kept for a long time, this long-ripening cheese concentrates  its scent for a time beyond suspicion.  It is an intense product of the manchego cheeses, with a concentrated flavour of sheep´s  milk and rennet, with vegetable finish, and very appreciated by cheese fans.

Approximate weight : 3kg.